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Your system will always be on the latest greatest version with all the latest time saving features You will need to purchase and install upgrades. When Microsoft does operating system upgrades, your installed system may no longer work and you may need to upgrade your CMMS package or database. Will your installed CMMS provider still be in business when you need this upgrade? How much will it cost? Who will install the upgrades?
Your database will always be backed up for you You will need to back up your own data. eWorkOrders uses real-time data backups (in the form of a RAID array of disk drives) and nightly data exports to ensure your data is always safe. Your data is downloaded to an off site server to ensure that it is always safe even in the event of a catastrophe. Will your installed CMMS software take responsibility if your database gets corrupted?
You are provided with technical support as part of your subscription You will either pay for technical support per incident or have to purchase a supportcontract or even have someone technical locally for support. There is no need to have any technical people on your staff.
Nothing to install. All you need is Internet Explorer which is already on your computer. Anyone can access the system from any computer on the internet. You need to install software on each computer that needs to access the system. Also every time you get a new computer or replace one. You must be physically at one of your installed computers to use the system. Access eWorkOrders from home or on vacation in an emergency.
Have your customers enter their own service requests and check their status, saving data entry and phone time. No servers to purchase or maintain. Have someone answering the phone and doing data entry to enter the service requests and to check the status for your customers. Expensive servers and administration expenses. Our business is maintaining, supporting and upgrading the easiest to use, state of the art CMMS. Your business is to use the best system, not to maintain and support it.

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