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What We Offer

  • Work Order Module

    The work order module is organized into sections that are quick and easy to use. You can easily generate a list of all your open work orders or all your open assignments.Print these lists to use as a to do list for the day. Clicking on a work order in the list will bring you to the work order details page, which can also be printed so that you have a detailed description of the work to be done and details of the customer which made the request. The work order query section allows you to easily search through all your work orders by specifying criteria such as:
    • work order number
    • date requested
    • date completed
    • customer email address
    • work order status
    • unassigned work orders
    • much, much, more...
    Drill down allows you to view or print your open work orders, open assignments, search work orders, generate interactive reports on work order status. All reports in this section are fully interactive. They allow you to create listings of work orders and then you can click on any of the work orders to drill down into the details.

  • Customer Service Request Module

    The customers that you service can enter their own service requests through the customer web request module. A very user friendly interface allows your customers to select from a menu of services that you offer.
    • These requests are assigned a tracking number and are automatically routed to the appropriate service provider/employee for immediate action.
    • Each time a customer returns to the site their contact and location information will automatically be filled out so that it only takes a few seconds to create a new request.
    • These new requests will be immediately available through the work orders and reporting modules.
    • Customers can also use this module to check the status of a service request. They can see who has worked on a request, when they performed the work, and how much time was spent. This saves you time by eliminating many annoying phone calls asking about the status of a request.
    • Your customers can also be notified via email when a request is completed.
    • When a request is completed, your customer can use this section to provide feedback about the work performed. This is a great way to address opportunities for improvement and to recognize outstanding performers.
  • Employee Management Module

    Enter your employees or service providers into the eWorkOrders in order to track their time, payroll and billing information. Employees can be assigned to work orders and can log how much time they spend on each work order. They can enter their daily attendance and create timesheets. Use eWorkOrders to track vacation, personal time, sick days,... Photos of your employees can be entered into the system. When your customers check the status of service requests they can actually see they know who works on their service requests, when they performed the work and how much time was spent.
  • Preventive Maintenance Module

    The preventative/planned maintenance module allows you to schedule regularly performed tasks. These can range from simple repetitive requests like "Put the garbage out every Monday" to complete project plans that involve multiple service providers and contain schematics and lock out/tag out procedures like "Perform annual boiler maintenance". Preventive Maintenance procedures can include everything you need to get the job done right the first time. Items such as parts needed, tools needed, tolerances, torque settings and specific manufacturers instructions can be included. Some benefits of the eWorkOrders preventative maintenance module include:
    • Avoid costly equipment breakdowns and repairs
    • Maintain high customer satisfaction
    • Prolong the life of key assets
    • Easily schedule the future activities and allocate the appropriate resources
  • Materials Module

    Track material usage on your work orders with maintaining stock room inventory. Manage your vendors and items you normally use. Generate purchase orders with vendor and/or customer pricing for items needed on your work orders.
  • Inventory Module

    eWorkOrders gives you the ability to manage multiple stock rooms, controlling and tracking the flow of items in and out of your stockroom. You can track all your vendors and their sales contacts. You can see what products they sell and you can even track their prices and how long it will take them to ship it to you. As your employees remove items from your stock room, eWorkOrders will track the inventory levels and when they reach the minimal limits, automatically generate Purchase Orders to your vendors. The items they use can be tracked against work orders and preventive maintenance to be used as part of an asset's historical cost or even be billed back to your customers. To ensure you have accurate knowledge of the stock sitting on your shelf, you can schedule cycle counting so that you can go out and count the items on the shelf. With eWorkOrders, there is no need to shut down your stock room to perform cycle counting as all counts are date and time stamped. Using the latest available technology you can use hand held computers with built in barcode scanners to track the flow of materials in real time with no need to download the information afterwards.
  • Document Management Module

    Save time and money by keeping important documentation organized and on hand when maintenance needs to be done. Any kind of electronic documentation can be linked into the system, store:
    • Pictures
    • Scanned documents
    • Spreadsheets
    • Word Processing documents
    • Text documents
    • CAD drawings
    • Almost anything you can imagine
    These documents can be easily attached to your work orders, PMs and assets. This enables you to keep lockout/tagout procedures, schematics, specifications, manuals and photos attached to your assets. Attach standard operating procedures and signage to regularly scheduled PMs and work orders. Documents in the system are opened by just clicking a button. Ask about our on-line document storage option.
  • Asset Management Module

    eWorkOrders tracks all your important assets. You can easily access work history such as corrective or preventive maintenance associated with each asset. See all preventive maintenance work that is scheduled for your equipment. eWorkOrders can maintain asset values, standard operating procedures, warranty information, schematics, user manuals and other documentation related to each asset.
  • Reporting Module(free with any subscription)

    Numerous reports come with eWorkOrders. These reports allow you to analyze how you are doing as a service provider and keep your customers happy. You can use the standard reports to:
    • Check out which requests need to be done
    • Keep a close eye on turnaround time for your service requests
    • Find out what your customers think of your services
    • See what preventative and/or scheduled work is planned
    • Track how your employees are performing
    • Report on your employee's payroll and work order time
    • Determine how much time and money it costs to maintain each asset
    • Generate billing invoices and summaries for you customers or for export to your general ledger
    • Much, much, more...
    If you need a special report that is not already available on eWorkOrders, just let us know and we can create it for you.
  • PDA/Wireless Version

    Need access to work order and asset information in the field? The PDA version works on many different brands of wireless phones and PDAs. You can scan or enter barcode information and retrieve asset details or work order history. View, open, and close your work orders, track your time, or search through all the work orders, all real time.
  • Other Included Services

    • Unlimited number of users
    • 100 MB of database storage
    • 2GB of monthly data transfer
    • Your own sub domain (ie:
    • Regularly scheduled database backups
    • Regular system upgrades
    • Technical phone and email support, up to 2 hours/month

    Optional Services

    • SSL Encryption for Login Screen
    • Software Escrow Account
    • Local Database Backups

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